DhohOo is Strongly Committed to Providing Top Quality Products to the Pet Grooming Industry and Pet Owners

Pet grooming

Launched with a mission to provide the best care to pets, DhohOo continues to focus on expanding its product lines while maintaining the highest quality standards. DhohOo is dedicated to ensuring quality pet health and care. The company firmly believes that internal and external pet health is crucial to ensuring that pets stay happy, healthy, and live longer.

For more than 39 years, the company has partnered with ADP laboratory (an established company operating in the industry) to supply a range of formulated food supplements for pets. DhohOo became a top-selling brand, a preferred business and a pet owners’ choice in a short period of time.

The popularity of DhohOo can be attributed to its high quality pet supplements and selection of grooming. Their unique selling point is that after consultation with vets and pet dietitians, their supplements are made with natural ingredients. Moreover, the company creates products conformance to the highest gastronomy standards, thus ensuring that they are all safe, healthy, and tasty.

Along with pet supplements and treats, DhohOo also offers pet grooming products. The company is well-stocked with a variety of top quality pet grooming products for keeping dogs well-groomed, clean, and smelling fresh. From wipes to essential oil shampoo for dogs, they carry them all.

Organic Pet Wipes

Not only does DhohOo aim to produce natural pet supplements, but also products for grooming. The company’s pet wipes are organic and all-natural. They are developed using natural ingredients like jojoba oil, pure water, Vitamin E, glycerin, and aloe extracts to keep pets’ coat soft, moisturized, and shiny without irritation or dryness.

The company rigorously follows the highest industry standards and with a no paraben and alcohol-free formula. Besides this, because of the consistency of the content, their wipes stand out and are also high in demand among pet grooming companies and pet owners. The material used for wipes is super soft and gentle on the skin. It is non-toxic and hypoallergenic thus can easily be used for cleaning pet ears, eyes, and nose.

Essential Oil Shampoo 

Another product from DhohOo’s grooming range that is creating the waves is the essential oil shampoo. It has a three in one formula that soothes, calms, and cleanses the dog’s skin and coat. Featuring lemongrass, lavender, and cedar wood essential oils, DhohOo’s product cleans and restores hair texture and relieves anxiety. It is alcohol and paraben-free, non-toxic, and perfect for slowing hair loss, hair thinning, and fungal infections in dogs.   

DhohOo has established its stellar market reputation based on its product quality, accessibility, and pricing. Pet grooming companies, distributors, retailers, and pet owners can order online and enjoy free shipping on orders above $49.

Also, to show confidence in its products, DhohOo offers a free return policy. For more information or to order, visit the website.

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