Nature Provides Us With Pet Wipes For Cleaning Up The House

Doggy Do Natural Pet Wipes have been formulated from all natural ingredients that will make your pet feel better. (of course you know they already do…right?) (this is the best kind of wipes you can find anywhere. (this is what I use at home when I take my dog for walks.)

pet wipes
pet wipes

(these are not like those cheapo plastic hand or arm pits you get at the store. They are specially formulated to absorb perspiration and even odors without causing any damage to your dog’s coat, fur or skin.) Doggie Do Natural Pet Wipes comes in a variety of forms that include: Shampoo, Dry/Wet, and Cleaner. The Shampoo and Dry/Wet wipes will remove dirt and provide essential moisture for cleaning.

Doggy Do Natural Pet Wipes cleaner formula comes in two forms, one to use at home and one to take to the dog park. The cleaner formula helps remove dirt, grease, sunscreen, fleas, ticks and more. The cleaner formula is non-toxic, bio-degradable and gentle to sensitive skin. It is also safe for children and animals.

The other type of doggie wipes you can buy are called Doggie Do Earpoline wipes. This product has a sticky residue property and uses organic ingredients like aloe vera and tea tree oil. Both aloe vera and aloe tea tree oil are safe to use on your pet’s skin. They stimulate circulation, improve immunity, balance pH level and clean the respiratory system. This formula is also safe for animals and is easy to apply at home without using any sharp object.

Pet Scents Don’t Scratch! I have found a natural alternative to “scratching” that doesn’t require any harmful chemicals. I discovered that if you mix the essential oils with a small amount of lavender essential oil it makes a nice and very pleasant smelling foot soak. That smell will cover up any undesirable odors that you may be experiencing from your pets. You can actually give your pets a scent that they will enjoy, instead of peeing all over the floor!

Nature appreciates your donation of any of these pet wipes, please consider all this. If you don’t know where to buy them, you can always visit your local pet store or check out a website with a lot of great ideas. If you want to go green, you can always go to Amazon and look for eco-friendly products like cleaning wipes use organic essential oils and paraben free ingredients. The author is a pet lover and environmentalist, so she knows all about preserving nature and keeping our eco-friendly world clean.

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