Why Make Your Own High Protein Pet Treats For Your Cat?

People who own a cat are well aware that they require high quality and quantity of high protein cat food to keep them fit and healthy. The main reason for this requirement is that cats have lower metabolisms compared to dogs. They need more nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and proteins in order to grow and stay strong. When it comes to their nutrition, most pet owners fail to consider a cat’s special needs and that is why they often end up filling their cats’ diet with dry cat foods that are low in nutrition and do not provide the right amount of essential nutrients. As a result, these cats get sick often and at worst even become fatal.

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One of the ways to ensure that your cat stays fit and fine and does not become ill is to feed him only with a raw diet. This means that you should only give him high high-quality meat like chicken, turkey, bison, fish, and other high-protein options. For people who don’t know much about these types of protein sources, here are some things about the best high protein sources available:

Raw Meat and Raw Bones: These are by far the healthiest options when it comes to cat food as they are high in meat proteins and good source of vitamins and minerals. When it comes to the source of raw bones, you can get it from your cat’s teeth. These are small bones that can be found inside his mouth or under his chin. Cats need to chew on these bones to break down the calcium and stay healthy.

The next best thing that you can give to your cat is green tripe. Green tripe is a high-quality vegetable that has a very high content of nutrients like calcium, iron, and zinc. It can be found in different forms such as green, boiled, or dried. Although you can buy it from a meat-supply store, it’s much better to make your own raw bone and green tripe treat.

Once you’ve given your cat raw bones or green Tripe, then you need to take care of it in such a way so that he can keep enjoying his treats for a long time. Since bones are made of different texture and thickness, some of them are harder to chew than others. If your cat keeps on gnawing on his bones and you can’t give him any of his favorite food, then you need to find a new chewer who will not give him the same problem. You can also try giving him some mashed vegetables so that he can have something to nibble on besides his bones.

Finally, there are some dog raw food recipes that are available online that can also help your pet. Some of these dog recipes are for the puppy’s so that they can chew their bones when they are still young and soft. However, if you want something more nutritious for your cat, then why don’t you check out raw food recipes for adult dogs? Adult dogs consume more nutrients than their cat counterparts. It’s really not a matter of whether your cat likes it or not – just to find out what he prefers.

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