Smok Novo X-How It Succeeded In The E-cigarette Industry

SMOK Novo X Vaporizer is a revolutionary digital single-handedly designed to fit any lifestyle. With a sleek design that’s reminiscent of a classy watch, the Smok NoVo X Vaporizer is extremely sleek and highly ergonomically friendly. Like the original, it also comes in beautiful colors and soothing patterns that truly make this item a unique, highly-pleasing choice when it comes to vaporizers of all types. One thing this product does exceptionally well is that it creates incredible vapors and steams with a super-hot heating element that is built into one of the most powerful engines in an electronic vaporizer. You will definitely experience a unique smoking experience with the SMOK Novo X and will be hooked on smoking again.

The vaporizer itself is an incredibly compact and effective product. It takes just over two minutes to completely charge and you can light up the LED light of the SMOK vaporizer while still charging. This is perfect for someone who is a “people person” and loves to stay on top of their daily routine because the novo x device literally never sleeps.


One of the most popular features of the novo atomizer is the fact that it can now produce the same type of high quality of vapor that it used to. Previously, smokers of this particular brand tended to experience a little too much or too little vapor depending on how they were using their device. This meant that there were a lot of situations where the no batteries would die out and then the smoker would have to purchase a new one. The novo resistance range, however, was pretty short. Now the pods can take over and provide the smokers with a higher quality of vapor every single time.

If you’re one of the people out there that has been looking for a really good electronic product that will provide a real alternative to cigarettes, then you should definitely consider the novo x. For one thing, you can now find two different size selections. The original version is going to work with a two different pod systems but the newer models offer a three-pod system that gives you a real chance to save money in the long run. You won’t be paying extra for pods any longer and you’ll find that you get a very long lasting battery in the process.

Smok not atomizers are also compatible with the new electric cigarettes by V2. These electronic devices are known for their long battery life as well. If you are a person that enjoys smoking a pack or two each day, you may want to think about getting one of these great electronic products today. You can enjoy the flavor of your favorite e liquid along with the satisfaction of a solid battery. Smok atomizers really are the best way to go if you want to make sure that you never run out of your e liquid.

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